AcademicONE Foundation’s is an online education e-Learning 501c3 that provides access to STEM/STREAM learning content in math, science and reading, as well as tutorial courses through a secured web site. Whether from home, school, library, campus dorm room, or after-school programs, AcademicONEFoundation allows students to access real time content to assist with difficult homework problems. **And if needed get to a live tutor**. Wherever there is Internet access, help is just a few clicks away.

AcademicONE Foundation 1.2.3 Easy Learning methodology will greatly assist students in their efforts to achieve higher levels of performance in math, science, reading and other core subjects. AcademicONE Foundation will also help students attain competent levels of proficiency that will ultimately benefit them in mastering standardized tests.

The fastest way to eliminate frustration, and build a successful foundation for learning, is to engage one in skills & knowledge exercises; when and where they need it. We call this the ‘teachable moment’!. Our programs are prescriptive and can be personalized, so that each individual can address the specific needs and requirements (problems) that they face on a daily basis.

The tangible results translate into classroom confidence and improved grades. AcademicONE Foundation helps students develop the enthusiasm to be life long learners.

Combining the power of the Internet with state of the art technology, AcademicONE Foundation makes it possible for every student to access personal assistance from anyplace at the time when they need help.

In order to accomplish this goal, the management team brings, not only a wealth of Academic experience, but additionally, brings valuable insight and practical wisdom gained as innovators in their respective fields of Education, Technology, Sales & Marketing, and Operations. By joining forces, these individuals who serve on the management team, bring together over 75 years of successful experience and performance that will enable AcademicONE Foundation to achieve its mission.

As a team who shares a great deal of determination and drive, they are working to improve the way individuals learn, while continuously developing new and dynamic solutions to meet our student’s ever changing requirements.

 Join A1F in advancing Math and Science education. **Let’s solve this! **